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Ejercicios del Tema: Pronouns - Pronombres

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Peter is very nice. ___ my best friend.
Him is
He is
It is

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Peter is very nice. ___ my best friend. Those people are very nice. I like ___. Laura is with ___ father. Do you know what ___means? Is Peter working on ___ computer? __ __ cold today?
He immediately fell in love with ___. They weren't as surprised as I expected ___ to be. She has not introduced _____ yet. What do you want ___ to do? She said that ___ car had broken down. Do you know when are they taking ___ holiday?
My parents didn't allow _____ go out in the evenings. They brought ___ a book. Peter bought some jeans. ___ said ___ were cheap. Would you mind buying ___ a coffe? Do you know when are ___ taking ___ holiday? We will send a letter inviting ___ .
Why can't you just be ___? Could you find out the train times ____ ? Can you come with ___? The cat scratched ___. ___ cold today. A place seems bigger when you are there by ___.
He assures ___ he is seeing no one else. I didn't hear from ___ for five days.