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Ejercicios del Tema: Verb Tenses - Tiempos Verbales

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Is the Sears Tower in New York?
No, It's in Chicago
No, is in Chicago
No, are in Chicago

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What ___ her name? ┐How old ___ they? The application ___ easy to complete. I have ___ to find you. It ___ who you are or what you look like. They ___ far longer than she had thought.
Now ___ a letter . We ___ waiting for hours when the train finally arrived. Some years ago... ____ Maria and Peter Italian? Is the Sears Tower in New York? I often ___ swimming.
Peter ___ at 7:00. Elephants ___ in africa and India. She ___ breakfast at 8:00. My sister often ___ swimming. ____ for a job at the moment. What are you doing now?
___ you go out last weekend? I ___ out last saturday. ___ in a ballon? ____ a Rolls Royce? ___ she play last day? What ___ next weekend?
My father ___ his car at the moment. Look! ___ outside. He immediately ___ with her. ___ the book you had yesterday worth reading? How interesting this book ___! They ___ as surprised as I expected them to be.
They weren't as surprised as ___ them to be. She ___ introduced him to me yet. I ___ the last bus. I ___ watching television since one o'clock. What ___ Peter do yesterday? Do you know if Maria ___ me?
___ Madonna's new record? When ___ they read his book? I think you ____ if you ate less. We ___ in Paris the previous year. When I telephoned her she ____ out. She said that her car ____ down.
If you had a problem you ___ told me. I'll make breakfast for you as soon as you ___. We ___lovely sunny weather the whole time we ___ there. We ____ outside the house when I saw it. I ___ in the evenings far less than I used to. We ___ the rest.
He wanted to know all the details of what ___. I ___ perfectly what Michael meant. The moon ___ behind the mountains. Do you know what it ___? What ___ that mean? My doctor is always ___ me I ought to take more exercise.
Your dog _________. Americans now __ more than 30 percent of their media-consuming time surfing the Web. Your message ____ to our staff. I ____ that woman before. I ____ before.- It was my first time.