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Ejercicios del Tema: Prepositions - Preposiciones

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My birthday is ___ April.

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My birthday is ___ April. I always visit my parents ___ Christmas. I'm looking ___ a job at the moment. There's a good film ___ T.V. tonight. He is ___ home. I don't work ___ Sunday.
We often go swimming __ the summer. I'm looking for a job ___ the moment. The children were ___ school. She lives ___ the country. I'll read it ___ a newspaper. They go to church ___ Christmas day.
My birthday is ___ April. I usually get up ___ 8 o'clock We'll see you ___ Saturday. We often go swimming ___ the summer. The shop is ___ the corner. We met them ___ Christmas day.
He was the best-looking boy ___ university. My parents didn't allow us to go out ___ the evenings. I've never been ___ Far East. Who works best ____ team? My mother gave it to me ___ Christmas. We apologise ____ delay.
I haven't been ____ dentist ___ about ten years. There's a swimming pool ____ garden. When will you arrive ___ home? Traduce: El está junto a mí. I was in Spain ___ the Holy Week. A strong wind has been blowing ___ hours.
__ what time will you be there? Traduce: La chaqueta está detrás de la puerta. Listen ___ news ___ radio. There was a car parked ___ pavement. Make sure that her name is ___ list. I'm very busy today. I have to finish this report ___ tomorrow.
The plane took off ___ time. We'll see you ____ Saturday. I've been waiting ___ six o'clock. I'll be busy ___ most of this week. We'll have to hurry if we want to be ___ time for the show. I don't have any specific details to share ___ this time.