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Ejercicios del Tema: Gerund - Gerundio

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Do you mind ___ a minute?
to wait

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Do you mind ___ a minute? She likes ___ . Laura seemed ___ quite annoyed. Pam hasn't finished ___ yet. I can't help ___ when I see him! I would like ___ on the beach today.
Was the book you had yesterday worth ___ ? How ___ this book was! I enjoy ___ Are you ready ___? Would you like ___ tennis? I enjoy ___ tennis.
She doesn't mind ___ this weekend. How about ___ tennis tomorrow? You might ___ in trouble for ___ an illness to avoid work. Their most important achievement was ___ the national championship. Is she ___ in your best interest? What would those people ___?
His heart started ___ fast. He try to compensate for this handicap by ___ active in sports. I think you acted very ___. This web is ___ down due to system maintenance until ______. We're in financial ___ and you're always ____ out ____ our money. You should drive ___ and ___ on streets where there are cyclists.
If this sounds ___ for you, I would like to get in contact with the person in charge.